Intern Diary: Last Post by Yours Truly, ilkadj


So here it is, my last entry for the Diary of an Intern Series. Hopefully they will continue this series, so that Lomo friends will still be able to get the feeling of how fun an internship at Lomography can be. So without further ado, this is my farewell post to all of you loyal readers.

But don’t worry, I will try to keep my lomo blog as alive as possible, so that we can still keep in touch! The internship was a fun experience. I learned many things and I’ve met so many great people. And best of all, I came upon a very nice and fun hobby, film photography!

I know I am not an expert yet, but I’m not planning to be one anyway. It gives me enough joy to be able to capture something on film. There’s something nostalgic and exciting about it. So to make this farewell easier, I will leave you with a number of my photos to enjoy (and probably laugh at – because you thought it was gonna be wow, but it was more like, what the?).

Enough with the chit-chat. I will bid farewell for now. Hope to see you guys some other time and perhaps in some other place.

Tschüssi baba!

Camping Trip at Hallstatt, Austria

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