Street Photography: Citizen Chicago by Oak Thitayarak


For shutterbugs like us, a series of captured candidness is always a welcome sight. Now, let us take a look at artist Oak Thitayarak’s recently released photo book of moments and details captured in the windy city that is Chicago.

Photo via Oak Thitayarak’s website

Five years in the making, _Citizen Chicago_ is a 36-page photo book by Oak Thitayarak depicting moments of everyday life in the streets of Chicago. You can download it here.

Through the eyes of a street photographer, the city becomes a theater. Fascinating characters captured in portraits and snapshots depict frozen scenes from a story directed by life and fate. With every press of the shutter, the intention is to reveal potential in spotting artistry, even in the mundane.

Photo via Oak Thitayarak’s website

There’s just something about street photography and street portraiture that is extraordinary, isn’t it? Perhaps, it is the fact that the the things that we see every day, the things that have become commonplace in our world, sometimes end up blurred in the background. We end up not really “seeing” them anymore. But once they are captured and painted in the four corners of a photograph, we are reminded of their beauty. And once again, we are able to “see”.

What do you guys think? Got any candid photos that you would like to show the world as well? Share them below!

All information for this article was taken from Abduzeedo and Oak Thitayarak’s website.

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