Intern Diary: Looking for Lomo Friends in Vienna

2012-09-17 1

Just as summer is ready to leave, my internship at Lomography is also coming to an end. Ugh, the thought of going to lectures again in this autumn weather gives me the chills already. I’m not even going to think about winter! Although I will not be active in Lomography anymore, I would like to keep my analogue hobby that I picked up during my internship. I would also love to meet up with fellow Lomographers in Vienna. So here’s a call out to all of you Lomographers in Vienna!

Credits: nanigo

If you live in Vienna, Austria and have time to meet-up and talk about (well, probably mostly help me out) analogue photography, send me quick message! We can go out and hunt for cool stuff to take pictures of, or we can just hang out in a Café and enjoy a Wiener Melange while chatting about our hobbies. Whatever your interest is, I’m sure I have questions about them!

So don’t be shy, let’s meet up! If you’re new to film photography too, let’s explore it together! If you’re already good at it, be prepared to be bombarded by my curiosity.

I have no idea how film swaps work, but lets do that too! I’m open to do anything, except activities that would break the law and have me arrested.

Credits: ripsta

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