More Photos That Left You Speechless

2012-09-13 2

More than a year ago we’ve made a selection of photos that left you speechless. These are photos that made you and many others click the like button, but not comment. So here’s a second gallery of new photos that left you and us speechless.

Credits: daitita, ccwu, singleelderly, sondyy, nastya_shishova, warning, gunship, furn7973, gocchin, mephisto19, triky76, sobetion, fruchtzwerg_hh, aido, grazie, hakimbo05, dakadev_pui, pussylove, bravebird, yokekei, blurry, throughothereyes, rotte, hanibale, blue-0610, tsjort, porkchopsandy, gotoarizona, jennson, harrietgreen, frauspatzi, shoujoai, gepo1303, elvismartinezsmith, bccbarbosa, area51delcorazon, wil6ka, 134340, ornella, qrro, bravopires, lomovan, chippo, tiano, jeabzz, clownshoes, joseman, life_on_mars, bulletofmine, boredbone, diwen, oneira1927, hodachrome, gibri, fletchinski84, jackpacker, endorphin, natalieerachel, funfun, vicuna, adi_totp, dabai, eskimofriend, adzfar, iidiko, maximum_b, paula412, elettroshock, freelancer, minibear, arurin, lomographythailand, ethermoon, albeelee & tagliatele_la_testa

Now go out and leave comments on these photos. Or just leave a like. And please also browse through last year's selection of uncommented photos (though I am pretty sure they all now have comments).

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  1. gabirela
    gabirela ·

    lots of great pictures taken with Lomo LC-A :3

  2. bsdunek
    bsdunek ·

    Right, gavirela, there are a lot of good photos here.

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