Pining for the Darling Dream Queen


In celebration of Diana, the dream queen’s fifth birthday, here’s a look back at five of her notable clones and incarnations! Did your favorite make the cut? Find out after the jump!

Photo by xdavil2

One seemingly crazy dream of mine is to have all the Diana+ and Diana F+ clones that the good ol’ Lomography has offered us over the years. But alas, I’m a bit late in the scene and some of the darling clones are long gone and out of production. Being the masochist that I am, I’ve researched some the dream queen’s incarnations, and chose the ones that I especially pine for.

Photo via and the Odisea Facebook page

Diana F+ Odisea

This was part of a giveaway by the documentary cable channel Odisea in Spain and Portugal last year. Its design was based on the channel’s logo (which was already gorgeous to begin with). It’s purple, it’s beautiful, and it makes me want to cry because no matter how much I want it, I can’t and probably won’t have it.

Photo via and Lomography

Diana+ Meg

I fell in love with a girl. I fell in love once, and I lost completely. Her name was Meg and she was the product of the delicious collaboration between Lomography and the American rock duo, The White Stripes back in 2007.

Photo via the Tori Amos website

Diana F+ Tori

The stunning Tori is a limited edition set by Lomography and singer-songwriter Tori Amos. It includes a wide angle and close-up lens set and a double CD, all autographed by Tori and packaged in a beautiful die-cut piano box. Seriously, you’ll find yourself torn between staring at the package, and opening it so you could start shooting already.

Photo via Lomography

Diana F+ Take My Heart

This Adam-and-Eve-themed incarnation was especially created for Valentine’s Day last year, and it has completely taken our hearts. Who doesn’t want to take a bite of this beauty?

Photo via Lomography

Diana F+ Gold

Can you say glamorous? This Gold edition is decked out in white and gold, and the usual black strap has been replaced by a gold chain, making it a perfect match for those who want a combination of high fashion and analogue fun!

Photo via

Special Mention: Diana+ World Congress

Back in 2007, our darling was hailed as the official camera of the 7th Lomography World Congress! Isn’t she a beauty?

I swear I keep on falling in love with these Dianas no matter how many times I’ve seen them. It’s just a shame that the chances of me getting my hands on these babies are pretty slim. No worries though, there are still other gorgeous clones to choose from, and with the shop’s Diana Birthday Deals, I might just go ahead and get one!

Photos by geegraphy

How about you guys? Did seeing these Dianas set your hearts aflutter once again? Or does she have another look that you much prefer? Share your thoughts below!

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