Autumn Leaves All Around: Add Some Colors into Your Lomographs

2012-09-14 4

Autumn is a great season that gives natural vivid colors on our lomographs. The colors of Autumn are readily available at every four-season countries. The sky is blue, the grass is green, and trees are so colorful with shades of yellow, red to brown. The days are warm with the fresh wind and the nights are cool.

Credits: yokekei

Autumn is coming again. I still miss my first Autumn holiday in South Korea, two years ago. Autumn, a lovely yet depressed season, I would say. You might not understand how a Malaysian is desperate to experience an Autumn holiday. It’s just a season that we don’t get to experience, living in Malaysia.

Credits: yokekei

The leaves turn into gorgeous colors. All the trees along the roadside create a wonderful view of the city. I enjoyed walking along the road and soaking everything in with all those gorgeous trees. Colors appear everywhere, from green, yellow, red to brown. Take a deep breath and inhale the clean and crisp smell, close your eyes and just feel the air. I love the sound that is made while I walk over the dry, crunchy fallen leaves. Kicking those fallen leaves, collecting it, and creating wonderful shapes.

Credits: yokekei

I walked a lot during my last autumn holiday in South Korea. This never happens when I am in my own country. In Malaysia, I feel dizzy while walking on the street for not even 5 minutes due to the scorching hot sun.

Credits: yokekei

Autumn is a stylish season for me as well. It is a season that I can mix and match my outfits. We can wear pretty much anything without worrying about feeling hot. This is the time to layer on sweaters, scarves, and jackets which I hardly get the chance to do here in Malaysia.

Credits: yokekei

I wish that my next Autumn holiday comes soon and I wish to add more Autumn lomographs into my albums. Let’s go grab some Autumn colors and add it to our albums.

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  1. sirio174
    sirio174 ·

    great article, great colors

  2. yokekei
    yokekei ·

    thanks @sirio174

  3. pollyarts
    pollyarts ·

    Beautiful photos, @yokekei.... you must have really enjoyed the fall weather.

  4. yokekei
    yokekei ·

    Hi @pollyarts, thanks. Yes, I like it so much :)

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