Goldfish Have Evolved and Can Make Phone Calls

2012-09-13 3

The goldfish is a popular sight in artwork and culture in Japan. Lately, fish have been “popping-up” and spotted swimming around in the middle of Osaka’s streets, and even illuminated at night. What’s going on? After the jump we’ll sine some light of our own on the occurrences!

In the past, the goldfish were a symbol of wealth and, as such, only kept by Japan’s aristocracy. The “rough” samurai also kept and nurtured these fish – what an interesting sight that would have been!

Art collective Kingyobu aka “Goldfish Club” are creating pieces of artwork featuring the goldfish and installing their pieces around Osaka. What’s different to the countless other Japanese artists who’ve pained, printed, and photographed the goldfish in their works?

Images via spoon-tamago

Well, as you can see, the installations contain live goldfish! While there’s no apparent reason as to why the members are doing what they’re doing, since when was rationale king? If the “goldfish” is already highly regarded by the populace and if they enjoy fish gazing at aquariums, then bringing their leisure activity to the streets can’t be anything but good!

Also, phone booths are things of the past and if they aren’t being used much anymore – especially in the land of the latests in technology, then why not repurpose these antiques?

Check out these behind-the-scenes photos:

Images via Kingyobu

Information for this article was taken from spoon-tamago

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