My Analogue Childhood: Across Generations


As I was browsing through some old photo albums of me and my family, I couldn’t help but notice the parallel pictures of my own childhood, and that of my parents.

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Browsing through old family albums is always fun. Not only looking at yourself as a child, but seeing your parents and uncles and aunts – people you have only known as adults – as children, too. Going through the albums, I noticed that in 30-35 years, the age difference between my parents and me, a lot has changed, but much has stayed the same as well.

Take for instance these school pictures. Sure, classes have shrunk, and single sex schools have all but disappeared in the Netherlands, but the children have stayed the same. Some of them smiling sweetly, some of them pulling faces or looking away. That´s my mom in the second row from the top, fifth from the left. And my dad in the third row, also fifth from the left. And me in the red sweater in the top row.

Mom, dad, me.

Did you ever have one of those awful, posed individual school pictures made where you’re ‘playing’ at a table and just ‘happen to look op at the camera’? I have. And so did my dad, over thirty years earlier.

Credits: stratski

As a child, we used to go to the beach during the summer. I have loads of old pictures of me and my brothers and cousins playing at the seaside (that’s me on the left). It’s a family tradition, apparently, because I found similar pictures of my mom and her brothers and sisters.

Credits: stratski

And here’s my dad in a tree. And me (on the left).

Credits: stratski

Some things have changed a bit more in thirty years. My mom’s first communion dress is a lot fancier than my first communion outfit: she looks like a tiny bride, I refused to even wear a dress. 8 year old me would have been amazed to see 36 year old me’s closet full of dresses…

Credits: stratski

It’s a lot of fun, going trough all these old pictures and seeing how my mom and dad, who have always been so much older than me, were once children too, and did the same things as I did as a kid. These pictures make me feel even more connected to them.

written by stratski on 2012-09-24 #lifestyle #my-analogue-childhood #childhood-analogue-father-mother-mom-dad

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