Peru’s first LomoAmigo: Adammo


The Peruvian based pop-rock band Adammo is our lastest LomoAmigo. They are well know in South America, their videos are usually in the top of the rankings of MTV LA, they have won the MTV VMALA award, and have been nominated in last year’s MTV Europe Music Awards. We gave them a Sprocket Rocket, La Sardina and Fisheye 2. Read on to find more.

REAL NAME: Diego Ubierna (The Drummer and DJ of the band), Ezio Oliva (Vocals) and Renzo Bravo (Bass and Keyboards)
CITY: Lima

Photos by ADAMMO

Tell the community a little bit about yourself? What do you do for fun and is it the same thing you do for a living?

What we do for fun turned into our career. 5 years ago, we made music for 6 or 10 people, and over time they became more people and more people, and then we realized that this was a passion that became our future. We like many types of art. We love music and that’s what we do with our band Adammo but we also like photography, film, painting and that means that we do everything in our band. We take the photos, videos and work on designs for the band.

How long have you been a Lomographer (or are you new to this whole thing)?

We are new. We felt a need to go beyond the picture without resorting to digital! We were tired about all digital things and decided to go for analogue photography. We were look for things that can accommodate our tours and things with strong rhythms. We discovered Lomography and it became part of our lifestyle.

Describe La Sardina, Fisheye2, and Sprocket Rocket in five words each

La Sardina: best model and nice texture.
Fisheye 2: Fun, Crazy, Shocking, easy and Fast.
Sprocket Rocket: It’s all about the sprockets!

Photos by ADAMMO

How did you like shooting with the cameras and what were people´s reactions to the camera?

Everyone asks the same question: What is that? and our answer is always: a refrigerator! lol I think it’s obvious that they are photo cameras but the models are so cool that people are shocked when they see the cameras. This also happens with the photos, got on the band’s Facebook or on our Twitter and people recognize that it is not the typical texture used by other artists and the reaction is amazing.

If you could shoot any person alive or dead (or imaginary) with your Lomography cameras, who would it be and why?

Johnny Cash, who is an artist with a long and amazing history… We would have loved to be in concert at Folsom Prison and take thousands of photos.

What’s your favorite photo you took with each camera and why?

Well, actually my favorite is one that our personal manager took. In this picture you can see Diego in a little room playing guitar. The contrast is really good.

Photos by ADAMMO

What would the soundtrack to this selection of lomographs be?

If we were playing live it would be: Adammo – Venus. If you’re just listening, it would be Madeon – Finale

You guys have been in the studio recently, tell us about it

We’ve recorded 3 albums and all have been very different but the last one is the most natural of all. We decided to move away from the stage, interviews and the city and went to compose songs far away from our town. We experimented with other instruments like the Peruvian cajon, Hawaiian Ukulele, etc.
In this new record we move away from power pop and decided to calm down a bit and apply all the knowledge of electronic music we had and never used before.
We moved away from the big consoles and went to a more minimalist approach. We used Ableton Live and Akai controllers to find a unique sound and it worked.

What are the plans for Adammo in the upcoming months?

After traveling by plane so much, we decided we’ll going to do a tour around our magical country; PERU! We will shoot a documentary about many things that are happening in our country and the band traveling around a country with so much mystery…

Photos by ADAMMO

We know that you manage a huge followers in twitter and that you create many trend topics world wide, do you think we can make #LomoAmigo a TT?

Of Course! That’s easy, what we really need is to connect all networks of Lomography and Adammo around the world and do it!

Your advice to future shooters

Be yourself! do not force anything in life. You have to let the art flow and it will come right back to you!
Thank You very much! Count on us for anything you need!

You can follow Adammo in their fanpage in Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube
You can also follow them in their personal twitter accounts: Ezio, Diego and Renzo

This just in! Adammo has been nominated for the Best Central Latin American Band by MTV! If you like what you see, make sure to vote for them here

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