Looking to Do Some Good? Here's an Idea!


Charity begins at home, but should not end there. With this in mind, Lomography would like to make it easier for our Lomo friends to do some good and help the world. Find out how you can contribute to the world through Lomography after the jump!

The act of giving to others should be something easy to do for everyone, and Lomography is doing exactly that! If you’ve heard about LomoKikuyu, then you already know how easy it is to donate. Simply add the Lomo Kikuyu Book with your order straight to your shopping cart and we will do the rest.

For every 5 EUR/USD you donate by buying a Lomo Kikuyu Book in our online shop, we will match your contribution with another 5 EUR/USD and send it to the International Committee of the Red Cross to fight the famine in East Africa. So, your donation is working two fold!

Not familiar with the term LomoKikuyu? Well then, it’s time that you read about it!

Get your Lomo Kikuyu Book today!

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