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Are you constantly on the hunt for creative decorations for your room? BevShots may be the inspiration you’re looking for! Art pieces with vibrant colors and abstract compositions are what they offer – read on for more!

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Will you drink a little when handing out with friends on a Friday night? You may be very familiar with these names of liquors or other forms of alcohol but did you know they can be used in creating a specific type of art? If you think it is hardly imaginable, let’s witness what alcohol looks like under microscope!

Photos are taken from BevShots

Aren’t these images interesting? Can you imagine this is how your drink looks like under a powerful microscope?

They are called BevShots and are photographs of crystallized alcohol under a polarized light microscope. These types of photograph were first taken by Michael Davidson, a research scientist, in 1992. Other than the ordinary subjects he used in his experiments, like DNA and vitamins, he started to conduct tests on cocktails and even mixed it up wines and brews later.

When people first heard of this idea, they have thought it ridiculous and strange. No one would have expected these abstract images would have been so attractive and attention grabbing. Some retailers even apply this effect onto their products – particularly with clothing, to see the threads!

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Things that sound weird and geeky can just as easily be appreciated as something trendy and chic. People will never know what they can revolutionize in the world of Art if they don’t try! For all the new Lomographers, you might still be very cautious when you press the shutter. But let’s remind you of the 10 Golden Rules? You don’t have to know beforehand what you captured on film! Results may be surprising and satisfactory when you open up your mind to the joy of unexpectedness!

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