Above the Earth, Below the Sky

2012-09-25 1

I designed the artwork for If These Trees Could Talk’s vinyl LP, and used my lomo photos as the centerpiece. Find out more about how I utilized these photos within my work, and how to pick up a copy, after the jump.

The main reason I took the Lomography plunge was because I wanted to take my own dreamy photos to use in my graphic design work. Back in 2009, I got the first chance to do so. The Mylene Sheath is an indie record label out of Athens, Georgia, and they asked me to do the artwork and package design for the vinyl pressing of If These Trees Could Talk ’s “Above the Earth, Below the Sky.” The band had a strong desire to use nature photography, so I set out to shoot a few rolls in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. One other photo of the Empire State Building also made it onto the back cover. Here are some of the originals:

Next, I wanted the artwork to be a cool blue-turquoise color, so I edited all of the photos to have that tint. Here you can compare the before and after of one of the images that I edited. This particular image ended up on the printed-inner-sleeve.

And lastly: the final product! We also used a spot-gloss finish on the sleeve, so the band’s name is printed in clear ink. The first pressing came on three different, limited-edition color variants, which are now all out-of-print. (Huge thanks to record-photographer Brian Stowell for the first picture in this sequence.)

The second pressing of this record is now available for pre-order, and you can buy a copy from The Mylene Sheath. Watch the video below to hear one of the songs.

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