Letters to Vivian: Waiting With Redscale Film

2012-09-12 2

It’s already been nearly a year since the culmination of a good friend’s film photography project that I joined, but silly me, I haven’t written about my contribution yet. So, better late than never, let me share with you the collection of film snaps I submitted for the project, all shot in fiery redscale.

As redscale photography is one of Lomography’s dedicated topics for the month of September, I was suddenly reminded of my collection of redscale photos called Letters to Vivian. It’s comprised of twelve photographs that I took for Erin's film photography project called Whilst We Wait which was exhibited last year. Each photo corresponds to a month of waiting—participants had to wait for a year before sending their film roll/s over to the lab for processing and scanning. Also, part of the task was to pair our photos with a letter, doodle, or artwork every month.

For me, it wasn’t easy picking up a camera to use for the whole duration of the project. I was bent on shooting just one roll of 36 exposures, and therefore working with just one camera for one full year. I mused, which of my cameras can I dedicate solely for the project, one that I most likely won’t feel the compulsion to use frequently?

The choice eventually fell on my Vivitar Ultra Wide & Slim which I lovingly call Vivian. The film? Redscaled Fuji Press 800. It was a combination I’ve never tried before, but something told me it would be interesting and worth a try. These are what I submitted for the exhibit:

Credits: plasticpopsicle

Since the Vivitar UWS is a point-and-shoot camera with a single aperture and shutter speed, I was forced to go out and keep my eyes peeled for every scenic shot possible. At the end of the project, some of the photos surprised me, not only with how interesting they look but also how that single roll turned out to be a nice time capsule of all the places I’ve been to in a year. The letters I made (hence the title of my collection) were in charge of telling the stories behind them.

My photos from the exhibit. First, all of my twelve photos arranged nicely in a mini gallery. Second, all our letters were placed in individual boxes for the visitors’ perusal (mine is the second box from the right).

So, along with the outtakes, do you think it was well worth the gamble? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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