Rosy Redscales on the Beach...


The Lomography Redscale XR is undoubtedly one of my favourite films, and here are some of my favourite photos taken with this film at the beach.

I love the beach and I love using film, so taking my favourite film to the beach has to be one of my all-time favourite things to do.

The beauty of the redscale XR film is the range of tones that this film can produce along with being incredibly soft and subtle with delicate creams and reds, this film also has a depth to it with gorgeous golden colours and honey-like, amber hues coming through the photos.

But aside from producing beautiful autumnal colours, this film can also provide stunning blue and grey contrasts that complement the red scale of colours so well. I find that in balancing the red tones against the blues, you can either create a very warm inviting photo or you can create a much colder image with the greys.

When taking redscale photos I use it in a very similar way to taking black and white photos, rather than looking for pops of colour I look for textures and contrasts, elements of the photo which will create the biggest variety and the best results with the tonal film. I want to create depth to the image along with a sense of time and age that redscale film can provide so easily.

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