Lomowalk with 8Style TV Host: Cheryl Lee and Jeff Lim!


I am invited by 8TV for a guest appearance in their 8Style TV program, as well as having a Lomo-Walk with the hosts – Cheryl Lee and Jeff Lim! Gosh, it’s so overwhelming!

Photo by eva_eva taken by LC-A

On one hazy Saturday morning, I got up and went out, together with my favorite camera, LC-A on hand, we walked around Dataran Merdeka and Petaling Street. I feels great. Its been a while since the last Lomo-Walk I had in Kuala Lumpur.

With little knowledge about Lomography cameras and analogue photography, Cheryl and Jeff being really proactive asking a lot of questions about shooting with films! Cheryl tried a few rolls before using the La Sardina and the outcome didn’t turn out as what she expecting. Glad that this roll turned out to be something that could satisfy her. She claim to be really excited the moment she saw the picture! (Laughs!)

Photo by Cheryl taken by La Sardina

Cheryl is a very creative person. She knows what she wants and tried to explore her creativity by doing MX on a La Sardina. The outcome? Beautiful. I believe every person has a story to tell, and their artwork is a great way for them to express their inner feelings.

Photo by Cheryl taken by La Sardina

Check out her Amigo interview here.

While Jeff is a very charming and happy-go-lucky guy and he is really enjoying shooting with the Fisheye Baby 110. I still remember the first moment he saw the camera that day. He is really surprised on the tiny, mini size of the camera! He said, “Let me try this!” I bet he enjoyed self-shots as much as I do. With lots of charming laughs and smiley face, he rocked the Fisheye Baby beautifully!

Photo by Jeff taken by Fisheye Baby 110

Let’s check out the pictures I’ve taken by the LOMO LC-A that day. It’s a real joyful and colorful day!

Photo by eva_eva

It’s been really a great pleasure to be on the TV show as a guest appearance, talking about Lomography, cameras, and films. The show will goes up on air on our Malaysia Day, 16th September 2012, 1pm (Sunday).

Don’t forget to tune in 8TV for 8Style and check out my appearance!

Lomo Love,

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  1. lawypop
    lawypop ·

    Future TV star : Eva! :DD

  2. shind
    shind ·

    I'd be sure to tune in to the show! :)

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