The Portable Darkroom


Some people turn their bathrooms into darkrooms to have the chance to do film developing themselves. Some even sacrifice their clothes and use their walk-in closets as a darkroom. But what if you don’t have enough space to have a darkroom in your tiny apartment? Consider the portable darkroom!

Photoflex Changing Room

Yes, there is such a thing as a portable darkroom! These darkrooms are perfect for people who needs a temporary or semi-permanent darkroom. This way, you get to keep your bathroom bright and your closet chemical free. Portable darkrooms are also great if you want to bring it with you. Maybe you need a darkroom for an exhibition or a presentation, or just to show off to your friends that you can develop your own films!

Whatever your reason is, you should consider a portable darkroom if you don’t have the space or room for a real darkroom in your place. Some portable darkrooms are just shaped like an over-sized bag where you can load your film, but there are some that you can actually work in while standing up!

Nova Darkroom Tent

Here are a couple of things to consider if you plan on having a portable darkroom:

  • Set up your portable darkroom in a space where running water is easily accessible.
  • To make light proofing easier, place your darkroom in an area where there is only one door or few or no windows.
  • Don’t forget the have it near an electrical outlet for your enlarger.

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