A City Within The City of Hong Kong


Hong Kong’s CAVE architecture design studio is unlike many other firms on the territory when it comes to the size and realistic nature of their projects. They designed an entire city! Can you believe it? From residential blocks to transportation, they’ve thought of everything. After the jump, check out their project that might, currently, be hard to imagine.

I’d be difficult to imagine as it is, in itself, an imaginary city!

Image via CAVE architecture design studio

A cow farm, hover vehicles, and old men playing Chinese Chess in the park – Futurism laced with nostalgia?

Images via CAVE architecture design studio

The routine procedures architectes go through when scouting out locations for their next project is exactly what the team at CAVE did. They visited Kai Tak – the site of the old Hong Kong airport which served millions of people from 1925 until 1998 – and collected photographs, maps, and cultural events that is, in essence, the life of the area. With this wealth of information they composed 6, unique, narratives and began the process of zoning.

Images via CAVE architecture design studio

Residential blocks, an agriculture green space, a retail hub, government complex, multi-functional units, and, to top it off, a transportation hub, was the 6 device systems they fashioned all in response to the environmental threat the city is under.

This mico-city both showcases the history of SE Kowloon and it’s residents hopes and needs for the future.

The piece was exhibited at the 13th Venice Biennale, which is ongoing till November 25, 2012, and was commissioned by the Hong Kong Institute of Architects.

This article was inspired by a NotCot piece.

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