Underwater Love

2012-09-14 1

Rule #1 Take your camera everywhere you go. Also, take it in water with the Krab!

The LOMO LC-A+ allows you to take pictures in all light and “life” conditions. Since it is automatic, it is very easy and quick to use. The only thing you have to remember is to change the focus.

Credits: -dakota-

Thanks to the Krab you can also bring it to the sea and dunk it up to 20 meters! Sometimes the sandy bottom can be a bit monotonous and photos can be all the same. In this case I recommend you to focus on the surface.

Look at the view from another point of view, from the sea, and even if the view isn’t breathtaking, try to shoot at sunset or take a photo against the light to get the silhouette of your friends or yourself, or shoot waves if the sea is rough.

Credits: -dakota-

To make some interesting (self) portraits, try to put your LC-A+ with the Krab half in and half out of the water, or go under and point to your subject that is out of the water.

Credits: -dakota-

My favorite subjects are people who dive (or catapulted).




  • easy to use, safe, It floats, and has a wrist strap to keep up with you, you can dive it down to 20 meters, it does not lose definition to your photos. Simple film advance.


  • You can’t change the focus
  • You can’t do multi exposures
  • The glass is delicate

Although there are cons it is easy to find solutions.

  • Use a film with high ISO even if there is the sun. This will allow you to have a higher depth of field. If you have a LC-wide this problem doesn’t exist.
  • Rewind a roll after shot normally and then reload it in your lc-a + with krab.
  • Wash the Krab only with water, without any patch; watch out for the sand and remember to clean after the bath. Sea water and chlorine can ruin it.

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