The Filter Right In Front of Your Face- Using Your Car's Windshield

2012-09-14 8

Hey all you Lomographers out there! Ever wonder how you can use your car to help you get cool filter effects? Well come on and join me on this tipster to show you how it is done.

Credits: 110isnotdead

This Tipster came out of driving around and not wanting to get out of my car for shots around town, for one reason or another. I would take the shot and when it was developed, I had this great looking blue sky. I didn’t know what was going on until I looked at my windshield to see the blue sun shade.

What you Need:

  • A car with a windshield that has a shade along the top.
  • A camera.
  • Somewhere that you can get to in your car.

All you have to do is:

  • Get your car into a position that works with the shot.
  • Set up your shot to get the windshield shade into your shot and…
  • Voila! You have now created a blue mask on the top of your photos.

That’s how I was able to get shots like these:

Credits: 110isnotdead

And these:

Credits: 110isnotdead

It even works well with double exposure and split-cam shots like these:

Credits: 110isnotdead

I know this isn’t groundbreaking but I think it’s pretty cool.

Happy snappin’

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  1. 110isnotdead
    110isnotdead ·

    @megzeazez, @adi_totp, @freddiefaith, @marjanbuning, @sixsixty, and @marcel2cv Thanks for all the love :))

  2. mensa
    mensa ·

    that is soo clever! thanks!

  3. 110isnotdead
    110isnotdead ·

    @mensa thanks, its one of those things that just came out of random shots. lol :))

  4. robotmonkey1996
    robotmonkey1996 ·

    When you shoot black and white, it also works as a 1/3 to 2/3 stop ND filter. Hope it helps! :)

  5. 110isnotdead
    110isnotdead ·

    @robotmonkey1996 Really? thats pretty cool. Thanks for the tip :)

  6. 110isnotdead
    110isnotdead ·

    Hey, special thanks goes out to @marissa, @marcosaoferraz, @elelostdog and @mjouty for translating my article into Dutch, Portuguese, Italian and Spanish. You guys are great and I really appreciate it :)))

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    @nural and @victoriaschofield thanks so much for liking my tipster :))

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    @istionojr, @djramsay thanks so much for the likes :))

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