Din...the Film is Ready...the Return!

2012-10-11 2

I wanted to cook a film on the grill (as I often do), but that day, I forgot to turn off the oven and …

Some time ago I wrote an article in which I described the process by which a film is cooked in the microwave. The tipster is called Din! The film is ready and recommended the insertion of the film inside of a plastic container as the microwaves “bounce” on the metal surfaces creating significant risks for the oven as well as for people.

Anyway, I was going to grill a roll of Ferrania Solaris. I put it in the microwave, I set the time (one minute) and I pressed start.

Suddenly sparks, smoke and the acrid smell of burning plastic … oops! I accidentally sprayed onto the container of the film (metal) with a shower of microwave. I set the oven in mix mode (grill more micro-wave). What to do? In the dark room, I picked up the film and I inserted a needle in plastic roll (reusable). I inserted it in my LC-A RussiaDay and I gave myself test shots …. well, the result is interesting. Photo of red, green and other singed … what do you think?

  • P.S. do not do it at home …! *

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  1. rbruce63
    rbruce63 ·

    I think the pictures are worthy of an exhibition as the most damaged pictures motivate the onlooker to search for more! Perhaps seeing the video of Sally Mann and her experimentation to create unique photos. And yours are unique!

  2. recstop
    recstop ·

    Thank you very mutch! I love to experiment and sometimes it happens by accident!!!

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