LomoLit: The Wrong Kind of Color

2012-09-18 3

“We need to have more color in our life.” Darcy declared one morning as they searched for something to wear.

Photo by stouf

Kat fought the urge to groan. Despite getting a full night’s rest, she felt tired. She did not need Darcy’s fickleness right now.

But as always, Darcy was oblivious.

“I think that it’s about high time we expand our wardrobe.” she went on, “Don’t get me wrong, I am all for black and white dresses – you know, timelessness and all that jazz – but a girl’s got to have some color in her life, you know?”

Indeed, their closet resembled a piano board from all the whites and blacks that it contained. Dresses, shirts, button-ups. It was all in black and white. Darcy gave a quick tut and proceeded to search the racks.

“Color, I want color. How can this closet be so boring?” She weaved through the rack like a predator on the hunt. Kat hated when Darcy got into that mood. It lead them to no good.

“Aha! How about this?”

Darcy was holding up a flimsy, pink baby doll dress that Kat couldn’t remember where she got from. Probably from one of those “risque” parties that she went to.

“What is THIS supposed to be?” Kat asked, her voice with a hint of distaste. She made a face when Darcy held it up against her body, to see how it looked. “It looks like a slip or something. I doubt it could even cover my ass. Got something decent?”

“Oh, stop it. You’re exaggerating.” Darcy shushed her. “Pink is cute. And besides, why are you so concerned about your ass anyway? You’ve been parading around, as if you’ve got some cleavage action going on since god knows when.”

“Fine, fine. Give me the goddamn dress.”

Photo by makny

After a few seconds of shuffling, Kat stood in front of the mirror, wearing the pink number. She really couldn’t remember where she got the dress. She or Darcy must’ve bought it when they were inebriated, because she was sure as heck that she didn’t buy it while sober.

Darcy regarded her silently.


Kat glared at her. “I told you so.”

“What are you talking about? You look…”

“…Like a virginal slut. I don’t like it.”

“I was thinking along the lines of slutty virgin, but you’re right. I don’t like it either.” Darcy made a move to strip her.

“Why can’t I wear a black dress again?” Kat asked. She was fine with black dresses. It was her security blanket. Her comfort zone. Her battle armor.

“Because I’m tired of seeing you in the same thing every day.” Darcy whined.

“I don’t wear the same thing every day.”

“Same color, different cut. It’s still a black dress. Always a black dress. If it’s not black, it’s white.”

Kat could feel herself getting more tired. Why must Darcy be so insistent? She must learn not to do that. She must realize that she can’t always have her way. She can’t always pull Kat into things that she really didn’t feel like doing. Again, like those “risque” parties. That was a disaster. She couldn’t even remember the name, or even the face of the guy she hooked up with.

“Oh, don’t be such a prude.” Darcy told her, when Kat told her this. “Live a little. What was it that those hipster wannabes are saying again? YOLO?”

But then again, Kat must learn how to say no too. She must learn to be more assertive. Darcy wouldn’t always have her way if Kat didn’t let her, right?


Photo by bccbarbosa

“What time is it?” Kat asked.

Darcy shrugged, she was looking through their wardrobe again.

“I don’t know. 9, 10AM? I don’t know?”

“Did I take a piss already?”

“What? I don’t know. How should I know?” Really, how would she know if the woman pissed already?

Kat grabbed something from her drawer and made a move to leave the room.

“I’m gonna to take a piss.”

Darcy made a non-committal hum and proceeded to think about what to wear to the party tonight. She wondered if what’s-his-name would be there. He was yummy, and fun. Now if she could convince Kat to go again.

Darcy was about to ask her about it when she came in, but she stopped when she saw her. Kat’s face was devoid of color and her hands were slightly shaking.

“Hey, what happened to you?”

Kat looked at her with slight fear in her eyes. She tossed a couple of plastic strips in Darcy’s direction and let out a shaky laugh.

“So, you were saying something about pink?”

LomoLit is series of fresh and original fiction made by lomographers, for lomographers. But if you want more reads to satisfy your analogue soul, then you might also want to check out our articles in The Analogue Reader series!

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  1. geegraphy
    geegraphy ·

    Thank you @stouf, @makny, and @bccbarbosa for your photographs! Hope you guys liked this fiction piece that your images inspired! :)

  2. stouf
    stouf ·

    Very nice!

  3. rbruce63
    rbruce63 ·

    Absolutely gorgeous fiction with pictures to illustrate! Keep them coming!

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