Science!: Apple Trees and LEDs by Caleb Charland


Portland, Maine-based photographer Caleb Charland captures the beauty of electricity from unconventional sources through his series of long exposure photographs.

Inspired by the elementary-grade science behind fruit and other alternative batteries, Caleb Charland has made a series of long exposure photographs depicting them – ranging from glasses of vinegar to a stack of coins.

Photo via This is Colossal

As a matter of fact, his latest work Apple Trees and LEDs involved an unbelievable 11-hour prep time in which he had to wire around 300 apples together, and an additional 4 hours of exposure time, which he spent making noise to keep the apple-loving deers(!) at bay.

Photo via This is Colossal

My work has to do with that fifth-grade science curiosity and wonder, combined with large-format photography. It started on a small scale, in the studio, with the limes. Then I tried it in my garage with a table and a lamp and maybe 40 pieces of fruit. They take so long to make all the connectors with the wires, and the exposures are like four to six hours, so I didn’t want to jump into a whole apple orchard until I knew going bigger would actually work. – Caleb Charland via Co.Exist

You can see the behind the scenes video and the making of the project below.

Science, my friends. Science!

All information for this article was taken from Co.Exist, This is Colossal, and Discover Magazine.

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