Meet Malaysia's Active Community Members from Pahang #2: Funfun


Pahang is the largest state in the peninsular Malaysia. If you are looking for cool highland mountain air, lush tropical forests, or the finest beach, Pahang is the place you are looking for! Today, let’s discover Pahang together with Siok Fun a.k.a Funfun!

Credits: funfun

Name: Siok Fun
Occupation: Teacher
City/Country: Kuantan, Pahang
LomoHome: funfun
LomoAge: 1.5 years

Hello, tell us a bit about yourself and your Lomographic journey.

Hello! I’m funfun from Kuantan, Pahang. I’m an ordinary girl who loves traveling and taking photographs. Last year, I had a chance to try out a Lomographic camera, and I love the outcome of the pictures. My Lomographic journey really started when I got my own camera.

And how did you come across the products of Lomography / Lomography for the first time?

Through my boyfriend.

What the best part shooting with a bunch of Lomography enthusiasts?

Get to share ideas and learn new techniques with one another.

And the worst?

Hmm… time limitations?

Do you enjoy shooting alone or do you prefer shooting together with the community?

Most of the time I shoot with my boyfriend. I do shoot alone too when he’s not around.

Photo by funfun

Tell us the most heart-warming moments ever happen in your life, so far?

I got really emotional during a period of time when I was jobless few years back. My boyfriend was patient enough to tolerate my emotions.

What is the definition of analogue lifestyle to you?

Freeze your memories in a fun way.

What was the most unforgettable, strangest, funniest, or worst photographic/Lomographic experience that you encountered before?

The most unforgettable experience would be my Lomographs that won in some competitions.

What’s your favorite photo in your collection and why?

Double exposure shot of my boyfriend and I at the beach. It gives me a warm feeling and makes me smile.

Photo by funfun

Were you born in Pahang? Where is your location now?

Born in Pahang and currently work in Pahang.

Tell us what do you love the most about Pahang?

The less hectic lifestyle.

The food! Is there any finger licking good food that you love in Pahang?

Nasi Dagang, Nasi Minyak, Hokkien Mee, Pan Mee, Roti Canai, Satay……Does durian count too?

Where would you bring your friend to go when they pay you a visit at Pahang?

Beaches such as Teluk Chempedak and Cherating.

Where do you develop your film at Pahang? Do you have any other recommendation and what are the price and any other specific notes?

Kedai Gambar DL in Kompleks Teruntum.

Thanks for your time! Before we wrap things up, do you mind letting us know which Lomography product is your favorite and why?

LC-Wide because it is lightweight and easy to use. I bring it almost everywhere.

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