Intern Diary: Camping Out with My Diana F+

Since my internship is taking place in the summer, I haven’t had the chance to go on a summer break at all. But last weekend I decided to just go ahead. My friends and I left early Saturday morning and headed out to Hallstatt, Austria. Of course I took my Diana F+ with me, check out the funky pictures I snapped! And by “funky”, I meant not so good.

Before we got to our camping place, we had to take a small ferry to cross the Hallstätter See (lake).

The place was beautiful. The pictures I made are far from justice. And I do admit that I scanned them at a low resolution. It was already late and I just don’t have the patience. But when I have free time, I will scan them again properly, because I do get this “wow, cool” feeling whenever I see the preview of the scans.

Back to the camping trip, as we reached our camping place, I noticed a sign that said, “Craw along!” Having written so many articles the last couple of years of my life, I tend to be bothered by these misspellings.

So we dropped off our bags, set up tent and continued our exploration of this romantic little village.

I know, you’re probably asking, “Are these photos accidentally cropped?” No, they’re not. I was using a 35mm back on my Diana F+ and I just didn’t get it that what I saw in the viewer is not what I will get in the picture.

I also need to work on my scanning skills, as well as clean up my scanner. I see all these dust particles being scanned with my photos. But all in all, I am pretty happy that I am making some progress in improving my analog skills! I still have 3 rolls of film in the lab, one of them is from a Spinner 360°! Can’t wait to see the results!

My Diana F+ is now loaded with 120 film. This way, at least, I can predict what my pictures will look like. Wish me luck on my next adventure, The Flea Market!

But before that, back to work…

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