Shooting Half Frames with the Lomo LC-Wide


We all know the LC-Wide shoots spectacular wide angle photos. But what about its awesome half-format option? Want to see what that looks like? Find out after the jump!

Credits: wendalls

The Lomo LC-Wide looks pretty serious from the outside. But despite its tough black cover, the LC-Wide can also be fun when you’re shooting in half-format! Check out this before and after photo of a pizza.

Credits: dannyedwards

Or this photo that was taken in the wrong order, but still looks great!

Credits: vicuna

Or this accidentally overlapped half-frames that turned out awesome!

Credits: louwest

With 72 exposures, sometimes it seems there is no end when you’re shooting with the half-frame format!

To celebrate, LC-A week, Lomography is offering free film with every purchase of a Lomo LC-A+ or LC-Wide purchase! Don’t miss out on this great offer running until September 16th 2012!

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