Traveling WIth The Lomo LC-A+


The Lomo LC-A+ has been the traveling companion of many Lomographers. From Sweden to Thailand, this camera has seen other parts of the globe that many of us only dream of. Check out this gallery of pictures taken all over the world by the LC-A+!

Credits: chikumumu, josinuhe, wil6ka, squared, tracyvmoore, blancarleal, 134340, liluxxx & goldie

The photos you just flipped through were all taken with a Lomo LC-A+. Since this fantastic camera can yield great shots without any hassle, many people tend to use it when on vacation.

To celebrate, LC-A week, Lomography is offering free film with every purchase of a Lomo LC-A+ or LC-Wide purchase! Don’t miss out on this great offer running until September 16th 2012!

written by ilkadj on 2012-09-12 #lifestyle #travel #sweden #singapore #uk #germany #thailand #lc-a #traveling #all-over-the-world

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