Staff Picks: Dream Wedding Locations


The girls from the Online Magazine Team share their dream wedding locations and of course, which analogue camera they think is perfect to capture every moment! Check out their answers and see if you agree!

Every girl, at some point in her life, has imagined how her big day will turn out. From the simplest of setups to the most lavish and the most outrageous of arrangements, dreaming about it is always a guilty pleasure. Find out what the girls have come up with below!

Photo by reinertlee and devilfirzen

Name: Denise (@denisesanjose)

My dream wedding setup / destination is… on a sailing yacht that starts off at, like, Santorini then goes to Ibiza for the reception with all our best friends! Haha! If only money weren’t an issue.

My perfect analogue wedding companion/s… the LC-Wide and some Tungsten 64 or Redscale 50-200 film. And one of my photographer friends better be shooting with the “dream” f/0.95 lens! Haha!

Photos by saviorjosh and thestranger13

Name: Joy (@plasticpopsicle)

My dream wedding setup / destination is… _ a beach wedding in Palawan — either in El Nido or nearby Coron. To me, it’s paradise on earth, but not impossible to reach! I have been to Coron once and it’s a perfect scenic location to make the occasion extra memorable!_

My perfect analogue wedding companion/s… are the Horizon Perfekt and the LC-Wide. It would be a waste to miss capturing the view in Coron and El Nido, so Lomography’s wide-angled big guns would be perfect for my friends and I to play around with! I can already imagine taking self-portraits and group shots with the LC-Wide, and handing my lomo-friends the Horizon Perfekt so we wouldn’t miss the view!

Photos by bylcuenca and marfella

Name: Glerren (@geegraphy)

My dream wedding setup / destination is… a garden / outdoor wedding overlooking Taal Lake, or a church wedding in my hometown of Lipa or the nearby Taal. Pretty much simple.

My perfect analogue wedding companion/s… are Diana F+ and LC-Wide. I chose Diana F+ for its dream-like quality, and its square format. Another reason is that it was given to me as a gift by my sweetheart, so it holds a special and sentimental place in my heart! As for the LC-Wide… It’s the LC-Wide, need I say more?

Photos by b0rn2b1ush, renenob and walasiteodito

Well, that’s just us. How about you guys? Where’s YOUR dream wedding location and what’ll be your perfect analogue companion? Share us your thoughts!

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