Are These Truly Self-Portraits?

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Nowadays, cameras are portable so people can easily take them around and then upload them onto social networking websites. Have you ever imagined there could be other types of self-portraits which are surreal and reveal the dark side of people’s emotions? Read on to know more!

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What comes to mind when mentioning self-portrait? A frame filled with a persons face? Or taking the reflection of oneself through the mirror? However, self-portrait can actually be something more than that! I am going to introduce you to several photographers who are surprisingly good at taking pictures of themselves!

Photos are taken from Kaiak

The works of a French photographer, Frederic Fontenoy may surprise you as to how extreme a self-portrait can be! He uses the aid of slit-scan and long exposure to deform the shape of the body. By doing so, he is able to create another organism! This photo series is adequately named “Metamorphose”.

Photos are taken from Kaiak

To enjoy some moderate self-portraits, the works of Mariell Amelie may be suitable for your tastes. She is a Norwegian-born photographer based in London and often takes advantage of her surroundings to create images showing the diversity of people’s emotions. Her images often maintaining the balance between the surreal and ordinary aspects of life.

Photos are taken from Kaiak

Kyle Thompson is another self-portrait photographer who is only 20 years-old! He is from Chicago and devoted in creating different images in areas with ruins and forests. The idea of suicide and death is presented through his surreal images!

Do you find it interesting to take self-portrait like this? Set up a tripod, then you can create your own impressive images as well!

This article is inspired by articles on Trend Land, Kaiak and Bum Bum Bum.

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