Sydney Open 2012


Sydney Open 2012 is returning soon! No, this is not a tennis match. This is the time of the year when Sydney opens the doors of the many buildings that are usually ‘off limits’. Visitors will be able to explore award-winning contemporary designs, much-loved heritage buildings and architectural icons.

Photo by: Historic Houses Trust

Sydney Open is actually a part of the Sydney Architecture Festival. This year, you will be able to visit five of the city’s greatest sites for free.

There will also be a number of Focus Tours. These tours offer exclusive access and a rare chance to experience domestic, fragile or limited capacity sites. It includes guided tours to provide in-depth exploration. They say that these tickets sell fast, so make you sure you get in line for this one.

If you want access to more than 50 sites in the CBD including 1 Bligh Street, the Great Synagogue and the Chief Secretary’s Building, get yourself a City Pass! You will get a map and you can also download an accompanying smartphone app to help you to plan your day.

Sydney Open website will be live and tickets go on sale from Thursday 27 September. Don’t miss this great opportunity to discovery Sydney in a whole new point of view!

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