Scanning 110 Film

2012-09-12 2

Scanning 110 film is so difficult. There’s no scanning mask, so it’s all an adventure to do it correctly. Today I’m gonna explain to you how to scan this film with the digitaliza masks.

When 110mm film was released I thought: Great! Another different film to play with the cameras! And without thinking I got a Holga Baby 110 =)

It’s so much smaller that I thought: Even if it doesn’t work, I can always use it like a keyring! I bought some of the new Orca film and during a weekend in Empordá I was taking several test photos.

My parents gave me an Epson V500 film scanner, so I only develop the film and its digitalization is made by me at home. But for 110 film, like there’s no specific mask. It can be more difficult. It’s not the same size than the mask and the negative can touch the crystal of the scan, so the photos can appear with the Newton Rings.

The trick for this not to happen can’t be more simple. You only need the mask digitaliza and some masking tape. We have to paste the two film sides to the mask so they can be tense. Once we’ve done this, we only have to scan!

These are the results:

Credits: lilithmoon

¡¡¡LOMO ON!!!

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  1. sixsixty
    sixsixty ·

    A picture demonstrating the 110 film taped in the Digitaliza would be great to add to this tipster. Also a cutting technique to match how many frames of 110 to fit the length of the Digitaliza would be helpful. Thanks.

  2. bsdunek
    bsdunek ·

    I agree with sixsixty. We need some pictures of this like so many of the other Tipster articles.
    Also interesting is the color shots with the Orca film. How did you do that?

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