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Imagine that out of the blue you’re bestowed with a really simple and basic camera and asked to create the best image ever. What will you think? Impossible? Well of course not, you’re a Lomographer, honey! But, an Atlanta-based photographer, Zack Arias, dares to take this challenge!

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When people hear the term Professional Photographer, expensive lens and cameras will surface in their minds. Zack Arias, as an editorial and commercial photographer, has only the basics among his photographic equipment and steers away from those expensive luxuries he “wants”, but doesn’t need.

What makes him disinterested in collecting equipment? Actually, Arias bought a massive amount of equipment during the early stage of his career of which financial problems resulted. Through this he was forced to walk away from photography for two whole years!

Photo is taken from Zack Arias

When he resumed where he left off in his photographic career he organized the “==One Light Workshop==” which aims to prevent others from repeating his mistakes. What he emphasizes is that it’s still possible to create good images without expensive equipment.

He was recently in Hong Kong to participate in the “==Pro Photographer Cheap Camera Challenge==”. Other than the lack of professional cameras, an additional challenge was to face the language barrier. But this didn’t stop him from taking good pictures. It’s because he understands a good photograph isn’t necessarily dependent on how many professional equipment you have but on how you optimize and make good use of the limited materials you’re given.

Photos are taken from Picture Correct

Here are the works of Arias for the challenge.

Credits: susielomovitz

Don’t get me wrong! I am not saying that equipment isn’t important but we have to choose carefully! In our Online Shop descriptions are included beside each item so that every Lomographer may know more about their chosen cameras and accessories before they purchase!

Besides, the restricted amount of resources fuel the creative geniuses among us! What we have in our Tipster section are different suggestions and methods to re-use or D.I.Y, as submitted by experienced and experimental community members! Check them out! And you may be inspired by their creativity!

The inspiration of this article is from a Missoula Independent entry.

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