No More Accidental B Mode Photos

2012-09-13 3

I’m guessing I’m not the only one who realizes that my Diana+ is accidentally in B mode after taking a bunch of photos. The B mode switch is quite sensitive and it shifts easily without realizing. Here I present you the solution for this problem!

You must know that the switch that allows you to shift from N to B mode in the Diana F+ is quite sensitive. You have to pay attention to it when you’re going to shoot to check that is in the right mode in order to not end up with blurry, moved, or overexposed pictures.

After having this happened to me quite a few times, I had enough and started to think of a way to solve this problem, and fix the switch somehow. And, finally, I came up with a switch-blocker that’s pretty easy to make.

An example of accidental B-mode

What you need:

  • A plastic straw
  • Scissors
  • Your Diana F+

First of all, cut a 3cm segment off the straw with the scissors. Then, smash the segment between two fingers to flatten it in order to make it flat enough to put it in the slot left by the mode switch when you move it.

At last, cut a diagonal in one of the sides of the straw segment to make it fit better in the slot..and ready! Our camera is ready!

To shift the mode switch you just need to unblock it by taking the straw piece out, move the switch and put the straw piece back in the slot, to block it again.

The Diana F+ is a new touch to the classic camera from the 1960s. Famous because of its dreamy images a little unfocused, the Diana F+ comes back with new features such as the possibility to shoot panoramic pictures or pinhole. Available in our Online Shop.

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translated by tikismeekis


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    @sibux no et sap greu que l'hagi traduit, oi? Es que em va semblar interessant!

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