Howick Historical Village: A Heritage Experience


An architectural museum/village that offers a historical representation of Howick in the mid-1800s. With beautifully-restored buildings, tranquil pond, and live days every month, the Howick Historical Village is an excellent place to take the family and explore as well as learn! Keep reading for more details!

Howick Historical Village is Auckland’s award-winning heritage experience that attempts to represent the early period of colonization of Auckland. It’s location – Howick – is the largest of the fencible settlements and is similar to the Panmure Fencible Historic Reserve which I have previously reviewed.

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The Historical Village has over 30 buildings from both the Maori and early European history. It includes the original (but re-furnished) cottages that were given to the members of the Royal New Zealand Fencibles Corps, the Howick Methodist Church built in 1852, and the old courthouse.

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Because the village is located outdoors, it’s an excellent location to go to during a nice, sunny day where you can capture the true essence of the buildings and surroundings. They have a beautiful garden, a lovely pond, and various picnic areas available (as well as a cafe). This attraction is children-friendly – making it an eventful location to keep the kids occupied while you snap to your heart’s content!

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They also have live days on the third Sunday of every month where the village is filled with activity with over 30 costumed villagers doing their daily tasks. You can participate by experiencing a Victorian-school lesson, taking part in a church service or sampling some of the food that is cooked over an open fire.

All information from this article was taken from the Howick Historical Village Website.

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