Surprise, Surprise: It Was a Redscale Film!

2012-10-02 2

It was this summer at Azores. I thought I had a very cool brand new color slide film in my camera, and I just finished shooting…I get the film out of the camera and…it was a redscale! I was devastated! Until I saw the results.

Credits: anamachado

So it was my second time shooting with a Sprocket Rocket. I had some films won at a local competition inside a box (pack of 3) that said color slide film. I was super excited: never had shoot slide film and there was all this hype around slide and cross processing. So I didn’t really look at the film properly when loading it…

I went back home for the holidays at São Miguel island in Azores ready to try it! At the time, I thought slide film was all about great blue colors (I later found out that every time I loaded a lomo color slide film, the pictures were all yellowish) and if you know Azores you know this: it’s all about blue and green! So imagine my delight.

I started shooting my film in a beautiful, small island called Ilhéu de Vila Franca (a really small paradise that is kind of a natural big pool) with all this amazing really blue sky and the wonderful blue sea of the Azores.

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Of course in a heartbeat I was out of film…I was already back in the main island, and took the film out of the camera. That’s when I really looked at the small piece of plastic: RED-SCALE, it said.

I can’t tell you how absolutely devastated I was. I really wanted those great blue colors inside of the Ilhéu de Vila Franca and I wouldn’t return there this year. All I could think was that everything would be awful.

When I got back at Lisbon, I put the films at the lab for developing and wasn’t expecting much of that particular one from Ilhéu de Vila Franca. But somehow I was thinking about that so I went to Lomography and searched for redscale photos. I was blown away! There are so many spectacular photographs with that film. Just search yourself! And be sure you don’t miss those amazing redscale albums at hodachrome’s Lomo Home!

So then I though maybe my pictures weren’t all that bad.

When I finally got the images I… liked it! They were a bit underexposed I think and I’m not saying it’s my favorite photos in that particular scenario of so much blue…but I was really surprised with the result. And a little less sad for not capturing those amazing blue colors.

Credits: anamachado

Most important than that: I gained so much “respect” and admiration for that shy redscale film that I didn’t even considered ever trying out.

Now it’s probably gonna be on my list of films to buy next time and give it a proper try! So what about you? Ever shoot redscale? Love it or hate it?

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  1. joush
    joush ·

    Awesome, I actually just put my first redscale roll in my spinner.

  2. anamachado
    anamachado ·

    Thanks :) Let me know how it went! I bet it's going to be awesome!! ;)

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