Little Fish, Big World: Shooting with the Lomography Fisheye Baby 110


A lens: smaller than a film canister. A shutter button: the size of an M&M. A body: it can be compared to a really fat goldfish. Despite the bad comparisons, you get the idea: the Lomography Fisheye Baby 110 is super small! But don’t let it’s size fool you! This little guppy makes it’s way through a large ocean with amazing color and effects in the photos it produces.

I was in love. I saw the Fisheye Baby sitting delicately in the Lomography Gallery Store Singapore window. My hands itched to pick it up and capture the world in it’s tiny fisheye point of view. It wasn’t until a couple of months later that I attended a workshop on the Fisheye Baby.

Fitting in the palm of my hand was a Fisheye Baby loaded with Lomography Color Tiger 110. It’s size not only makes it cute, but durable and easy to take anywhere. It totally embodies one of my favorite rules of Lomography: shoot from the hip. Shoot not only from the hip, but from the head, the foot, the elbow, ontop of a building, from the ground. The convenient size of the camera makes the possible angles of your photos unlimited.

The entire workshop I was obsessed with the limitless capabilities of the Fisheye Baby’s multiple exposure power! True, almost all cameras are able to take multiple exposures. There is something so cute and fun about the Fisheye Baby’s endless exposures.

One thing that I would not recommend trying is jumping shots…

All in all, the Fisheye Baby is a wonderful surprise packed into a small body. It’s cute character and endless possibilities makes it a smart buy, and a charismatic friend.

written by abigail0605 on 2012-09-14 #gear #park #review #blur #china-town #double-exposure #baby-fisheye

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