Autumn Leaves All Around: A LomoWalk in Sydney


Summer is coming to an end, and autumn is just around the corner. It is time for autumn lovers to get out of their houses and take some pictures of autumn scenes, especially the beautiful, autumn leaves.

Malaysia does not have four seasons, there are only two seasons here, which is the dry season and the monsoon season. I often see pictures of autumn scenes in books and magazines. I am really amazed by them. I’ve always wanted to visit any country with four seasons to experience and witness the beauty of autumn. Finally, I got my chance. I traveled to Sydney and experienced autumn just before it ended.

In Sydney, I walked most of the time as long as the destination is reachable by foot. I think walking is a good way for me to take my own sweet time and admire the autumn leaves. During autumn, leaves are becoming less greenish and more colorful. The combination of red, yellow, brown, and orange is perfect.Whenever I walked, I kept lifting my head up and looked at the leaves on the trees. Autumn leaves that fell on the ground attracted my attention as well. It made my walk more interesting.

I think autumn colors are breathtaking. I really enjoy the colors of the autumn leaves. Although there isn’t any autumn in Malaysia, I still wish to see more of autumn. Can’t wait to see more lomographs about it!:)

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