Brilliant, Pure and Natural Color from Fuji Natura Classica

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With Natura in its name, Fuji Natura Classica always captures the photo in such a great nature-looking way with pure and soft color. This is a great point and shoot camera for day and night shooting.

Credits: guitarleo

Fuji Natura Classica is famous for its feature of capturing what you see, no matter day or night. The camera is lightweight and small, equipped with Super-EBC Fujinon 28-56mm f/w.8-5.4 zoom lens, integrated with pop-up flash, autofocus ranging from 0.4m to infinity, and the very special NP (natural photo) mode.

Credits: guitarleo

I am impressed with its autofocus speed and accuracy, just half press on the shutter button, and the object is in focus. The 2 small LED beside the viewfinder has its meaning. When the green is lighting, then the object is focused and photo can be taken. If the green is flashing, then the object is not focus or maybe the object is too close (autofocus ranging from 0.4m to infinity). When the red flashing fast, then brightness is insufficient, maybe you should use pop-up flash, or else the photo maybe dark.

Fuji Natura Classica has the NP (natural photo) mode, which means we can capture the photo with natural light. But the NP mode only can switch on with ISO 800 or above film. So the first roll that I used was Lomography CN 800 film, and shooting the entire roll with NP mode switched on. The result was brilliant. The color was soft and pure, giving such a warm looking feel.

Lomography CN 800 with NP mode switched on.

Credits: guitarleo

Using ISO 400 film without NP mode still brings natural and pure color.

Credits: guitarleo

Using low ISO film without NP mode, it brings sharp images with great color. But the color is too harsh, especially with the cross processed slide film.

Credits: guitarleo

Is it necessary to use pop-up flash if the red light flashing fast? Not really, the photo still can be taken, but the result is uncertain, maybe it still can produce a great photo or maybe only a dark photo.

Credits: guitarleo

The photos with pop-up flash activated are great. It still keeps the details and didn’t give a harsh look flashing on objects.

Credits: guitarleo

Fuji Natura Classica is a highly recommended point and shoot camera, especially with high ISO film. It is light and easy to carry for your daily activity. It just becomes part of my life.

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  1. joush
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    really want one of these! great review.

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