Pin It to Win It - A Diana Baby 110 Camera Winner Announcement

2012-09-07 1

Still dreaming endlessly of getting your very own Diana Baby 110? Fret not as we’re going to announce the winner of the Pin It to Win It – A Diana Baby 110 Camera Competition!

Our Pin It to Win It - A Diana Baby 110 Camera! might sound simple but there’s more to it than meets the eye! We want the winner to truly deserve the Diana Baby 110 and deserves it she does! Read on for an inspiring tale!

Without further ado, here’s our winner: flychickenfly

Here’s what flychickenfly said that won us over:

I really want the Diana Baby 110 because I really love Lomography yet I can’t afford to get another Lomography Camera since I got the Diana Mini earlier on this year already. Ever since I fell in love with Lomography, I have been wanting to collect all the different types of Lomography cameras and stack them up in my shelf to display to my family and friends. However, I’m only 14 and my only source of “income” is my weekly allowance, thus I can’t afford another Lomography camera currently and I don’t want to burden my parents by insisting them to get me one! [The joy of getting a camera by my own abilities is unexplainable too!] My young age does not limit my love for Lomography though! :) The moment I saw 110 films and cameras being produced by Lomography, I told myself that I had to get a camera using 110 film as soon as I save up enough money, thus with the arrival of the Diana Baby 110 [and the 12mm lens] I was totally over the moon and told myself that if I were to get any camera using 110 film any soon, it HAD to be the Diana Baby 110! I honestly hope that I will win this competition and get the Diana Baby 110 so that I can bring it around – during outings – so I can amaze my friends with it and hopefully get some candid shots without them noticing it, since it’s so small yet beautiful! :D


Lomography Diana Baby 110 Board at Pinterest

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  1. flychickenfly
    flychickenfly ·

    Hello! :) Will the Lomography team contact me or else how can I contact them to claim my prize? :) Thanks! xx

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