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It’s not unusual for those passionate about photography to show their love for lenses by getting tattoos. Mijonju from Tokyo modified the markings from 120 film backing paper and permanently etched them onto his arm. Check out the analogue anatomic artwork here!

Photography aficionado Bellamy of Japan Camera Hunter recently blogged about the new tattoos of fellow analogue snapper, Mijonju of The Mijonju Show, and we just had to share it with the Lomography community! (Aren’t we all a little crazy for film here?)

Photos via Japan Camera Hunter

Pretty awesome huh? If you didn’t guess this is a design that is based on the backing paper found in 120 film, with a few of Mijonju’s own tweaks. This is such a well thought out piece, almost like some kind of modern tribalism. The tattoo also works as an effective ruler, so he never needs to look around to measure things. Mijonju really is a film ambassador and has really shown his dedication to his passion with this tattoo. It is beautifully done too, with the detailed parts having been done perfectly, not an easy task.

Photo via Japan Camera Hunter

Above are some backing papers from 120 films that Mijonju based his tattoo on. It’s definitely a one-of-a-kind photography tattoo, since others usually get 35mm, instant, or miscellaneous camera designs.

What kind of tattoo would you get? Do we see anyone getting DX codes inked soon? ;-)

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120 film is used in Medium Format cameras such as the Diana F+ and Lubitel 166+. It’s your ticket to the wonderful world of square images!

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