LomoCelebs: 30 Priceless Amy Poehler-oids


When news of Amy Poehler and Will Arnett’s separation broke out over the weekend, funny bones weren’t tickled and hearts broke. Despite the split of Hollywood’s comedic pair, we’re sure they will still be serving up serious laughs—just like in these instant snaps of Poehler as her many hilarious characters!

Photo via Vulture

In 1998, actress Amy Poehler starred in a TV sketch show on Comedy Central with funnymen Matt Besser, Ian Roberts, and Matt Walsh. With a similar format to long-running Saturday Night Live, the show had Poehler and her co-stars made up into many different characters and act out all sorts of silly situations for gags. These amusing instant photos show Poehler trying on several of those hats in make-up tests and we just love how versatile she is. You can almost hear the laugh-out-loud audience!

While the news of her recent break-up is a bummer, we’re confident it won’t affect her career of dishing out perfectly cued jokes and nailing knee-slapping impersonations. After all, Poehler was an easy favourite SNL ensemble member, her show Parks & Recreations is starting to gain a following, and who can forget her as Regina George’s not-regular-but-cool-mom on Mean Girls? If these photographs prove anything, it’s that Amy Poehler wears many faces but misery isn’t really one of them.

Sourced from The New York Magazine’s Vulture, “My Modern Met”, and Gawker.

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