Threadless Loves Lomography T-shirt Design Competition Deadline Fast Approaching!


This is a reminder that the Threadless Loves Lomography t-shirt design competition is nearing its deadline, so you need to get your designs submitted by midnight on July 5th for a chance at the staggering bounty of cash and prizes!

This is a reminder that the Threadless Loves Lomography t-shirt design competition is nearing its deadline, so you need to get your designs submitted by midnight on July 5th for a chance at the staggering bounty of cash and prizes!

As you might know, is a vibrant online community based on original graphic t-shirt designs – and one of the world’s premiere destinations for these slamming ink-on-cotton wearable masterpieces! Much like Lomography, the creative spark and soul comes from their hyper-active and far-flung community members, who labor day and night to produce the most unexpected and exciting work possible. Sounds familiar, right? We thought so too, and saw an excellent opportunity to cooperate on an amazing online challenge.

Ladies and Gentlemen – you are hereby called to put your design skills to the test! Using the "10 Golden Rules of Lomography” as a theme – we’re calling upon everyone & their brother to create the most devastating t-shirt possible. From all the submissions, ONE design will be chosen. This designer will receive a HUGE assortment of treasures (see the juicy details below) AND have their design printed in a large yet limited run for immediate purchase by the Lomography & Threadless communities.

For all you designers, artists, photographers, doodlers, scratchers, painters, stampers, and glass etchers out there: this is a primo chance to showcase your talent, take home a boatload of goodies (including a $2000 check! And $1000 in Lomographic merchandise), and create a priceless piece of wearable art for your fellow Community friends & friendly strangers. Read on for all the details.


The chosen designer will receive a staggering bounty! To the victor, will go the following:

  • $2000 in cash!
  • A $500 Threadless Gift Certificate!

An awe-inspiring assortment of Lomographic goods, including:

  • Lomo LC-A+ $250
    The iconic Lomo compact, with the famous color-radiating Minitar 1 lens
  • ==LC-A+ Wide-Angle Lens == $150 Turn your Lomo LC-A+ into a 20mm full-frame fisheye wonder
  • Splitzer $20
    Slice and dice your image into little overlapping bits
  • Colorsplash Flash $35
    Splash your subject with a burst of white or colored light
  • ==Leather Sidekick Bag == $250
    The unisex Lomographic lifestyle bag in butter-soft gorgeous leather
  • DianaF+ $95
    A loving reproduction of the original 1960s Diana flash camera
  • Diana+ Fisheye Lens $45
    Shoot a totally circular fisheye Diana+ image on a square print
  • Fisheye 2 $70
    The world’s first compact fisheye camera – now with long- and multi-exposure functions
  • 10 rolls LomoX-Pro film $40
    Unbelievable colors and contrast with this exclusive Lomographic slide film
  • 10 rolls assorted 120 film $50
    A quite nice assortment for all of your medium format cameras


As of this very second artwork submissions are accepted on The link below has all of the requirements and legal bits. But to get you started, here are the basic guidelines:

  • The purpose of the submissions relating to this promotion is to create a stand-alone design inspired by the challenge, not a brand tee. Your design should not have brand names, the 10 golden rules or logos on it.
  • The selected design(s) will be chosen by a panel of Judges including Threadless staff and a representative from the promotion sponsor(s).
  • The design(s) to be printed will be chosen by the Judges within 45 days after the submission close date.
  • Use the submission form at by selecting Participate —> Submit Ideas from the menu – or click on the Link below to submit.
  • All submissions will also be eligible to be printed as a regular Threadless tee.
  • The submission must not be a design that has already been submitted to Threadless.
  • You may only submit up to three designs during the duration of the promotion.

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  1. champi
    champi ·

    Looks like many people didn't read the requirements, I've seen many shirts which don't match'em at all! Maybe I'm pissed cause my submission was refused (looks like I'm really too bad at using photoshop ha ha ha!!) but anyway I hope the judging will be fair!!

    Anyway check up this design, I'm tottaly diggin' it!!…

  2. mattdude1081
    mattdude1081 ·

    yeah, I'm sort of disappointed that some peoples designs don't really represent a rule. Anywho, it is so much fun making designs and Im still stoked!
    If any one is interested....…

    good day everyone =]

  3. mephisto19
    mephisto19 ·

    it is strange, what submissions came through, cause lots of shirts do have rules or brand names on them.... why did they open them? i cannot understand it. even if they can't win, they are open and it was said, not to mention it.... hmmm.... nevertheless, my shirt was open for voting 24h. yeah! :D

  4. ouroborosx
    ouroborosx ·

    rest assured that no shirts with lomographic cameras or branding elements can win the competition... threadless might be allowing them through for now, but when it's time to vote, those will be eliminated right from the start... that's why we were so adamant about people reading the guidelines before working so hard on their designs! :)

  5. brianmilo
    brianmilo ·

    I need a few new t-shirts!

  6. jeepeng
  7. lyocell
    lyocell ·

    yupihhhhhhhh........finally they accepted my design.

  8. champi
    champi ·

    I'm stubborn!! Threadless didn't want of my design, so I submitted it as a critique... Please tell me what you think about it!!

  9. champi
    champi ·

    And my second one:

  10. ndroo
    ndroo ·

    My humble attempt ...

  11. ymmij
    ymmij ·

    hi OuroborosX,

    correct me if i'm wrong. but, i've read the guidelines and they only mentioned that 'Your design should not have brand names, the 10 golden rules or logos on it.'

    and after many have submitted, u're now saying ' shirts with lomographic cameras ... will be eliminated right from the start.' ?

  12. lyocell
    lyocell ·

    After I was so happy that the threadless jury accepted my design for the lomo contest they kicked it out again after one day of scoring. they have some kind of system that they kick out designes if not enough people "clicked" on "I would buy it". about 350 peopled voted for my design and I got an averrage score from 1.5 which is ok.

    My question now is, if the lomo-jury will still accept my design for the contest or not?!
    I mean in my opinion it doesnt make sense that the threadless-jury accept so many shirt with an camera on it that you will kick out anyway...and that they kick out my design that you may like...(there is no camera on it ;o)

    by the link below you can see my design.,…

    and here you will find the rule about 1.5....might be interesting for you guys:

  13. mephisto19
    mephisto19 ·

    who is the winner?

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