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2012-09-08 2

For every lomographer who has been looking for tips to make their analogue life easier and more fun, the Magazine has lots of tipsters to use as reference. The past week’s featured tipster may be useful to you if you have a Sprocket Rocket, so if you’re curious, read on to find out what it’s all about!

Camera straps are among our necessities as active, on-the-go lomographers, so it’s not so surprising to find that many of the crafty ones find ways to make their own straps. This week, one of the most popular tipsters shows us how we can make a neck strap for the Sprocket Rocket so it can hang nicely right side up.

Lomographer anamachado started her tipster by saying: “I tried to place a strap at the bottom of the Sprocket (in the eye that screws into the tripod) but that just didn’t work for me as the camera would hang upside down and that’s not cool. So I came up with this idea to put elastics around the body of the Sprocket and then clip the 2 sides of the strap there. Simple.”

Photo by anamachado

Do you want to learn how you can make a nice neck strap for your Sprocket Rocket? Head over to our featured lomographer’s full DIY tipster and try your luck!

Congratulations to this week’s featured tipster author! Catch us next week as we once again put the spotlight on some amazing and inspiring tipsters by our very own lomographers!

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  1. kbobiles
    kbobiles ·

    Thinking outside of the box, I like it!

  2. anamachado
    anamachado ·

    Thank you :)

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