The Victims at the Thieves Market

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I always thought Singapore had no exciting, worth-visiting flea markets to offer, until the day I visited this place. Forget about the beautiful, colorful shopping buildings in Orchard Road or the largest indoor shopping center, Vivo City, because a trip to the Thieves Market in Singapore is worth so much more of your time.

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Flea markets? The first few flea markets that come to most people’s minds are Camden Town Market in London, Portobello Market in London, Chatuchak in Bangkok, Shihlin Night Market in Taiwan, Encants Vells in Barcelona, Viktualienmarkt in Munich, and many more.

Shopping? The first thing that comes to most Singaporeans’ minds is Orchard Road or the largest shopping center, Vivo City

Credits: thestranger13

But just a few weeks ago, I managed to go to Singapore’s oldest and largest flea market: Thieves Market at Sungei Road. It may not be as fantastic as the flea markets overseas because of the intense weather in Singapore. It may not have as exciting goods as those overseas either, but what makes up for it? The unique street peddlers. They’re composed of mainly elderly people or people who are called ‘karung guni’ (‘rag and bone’ man in Malay).

Although I did not manage to bring home anything, I was appalled at the goods they sold. Antique handphones, vintage watches, old books, dolls (yes, it was quite creepy), classic cameras, and toys we used to play with when we were young. It brought me back to my childhood days. Also, if you have lost an item recently, you should try coming here as it has been rumored that some items are ‘stolen’ goods. And that was how it got its name too.

The dolls in the market.
Credits: thestranger13

This market’s days are numbered with the recent acquisition of the land for the Downtown line. Hence, I advise all Singaporeans and even tourists who will be traveling to Singapore, to visit this place at least once. You will not regret it! Even a Singaporean like me, feels proud to have a flea market like this.

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  1. jaszee
    jaszee ·

    Been there quite a few times and last i spotted was a Mamiya Rangefinder. Was about to ask the uncle how much for it, but before i get the chance, the uncle stands up and step on all of the cameras just to get out from his space. :D

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