Classic Albums in Lomographs 7: Pulp's His 'N' Hers

2012-09-07 9

Pulp’s His ‘N’ Hers may not be the album that brought them international fame, but it’s darker, less poppy, theme of twitching net curtains in England’s suburbia, make it a truly classic album.

Album cover from All Music

Different Class is the album that propelled Pulp into national fame in the UK in the mid 90’s, but His n’ Hers was their breakthrough album. Less poppy, tighter, and more focused and ultimately more enduring. In 1998, Q Magazine readers voted it the 70th greatest album of all time.

It’s a themed work, it’s about life, relationships, skewed love, and sex in England’s suburbia. It is a deeply sexy album, one that makes the young feel romantic and the old feel young.

If you don’t own this album, worse if you’ve never heard it, you owe it to yourself to get a copy, but if you get the Vinyl, you’ll miss one of Pulp’s best songs, “Babies”.

Credits: street_smile

Joyriders: A song all about kids stealing cars for entertainment, the inevitable outcome?

Credits: disdis

Lipgloss: “No wonder you’re looking thin, when all that you live on is lipgloss and cigarettes.”

Credits: mczoum

Acrylic Afternoons: A song about what goes on in the city suburbs during the day when the hubby is at work…I love the partially closed, face hidden waiting, slightly naughty feel of this image.

Credits: petunia

Have You Seen Her Lately?: “No don’t go round to see him tonight, he’s already made such a mess of your life. Find something else to do with your time…”

Babies: From the perspective of a young teenage boy, the prospect of the girlfriend’s more experienced elder sister becomes too much of a temptation? One of my all-time favorite songs. The story plays out with a great twist at the end.

Credits: anarchy

She’s a Lady: What the bar looks like when your head is resting upon it. “Whilst you were gone… I went drinking every night, just so I could feel alright.”

Credits: mafiosa

Happy Endings: “Well, imagine it’s a film and you’re the star and pretty. Soon, we’re coming to the part where you realize that you should give your heart…”

Credits: nural

Do You Remember the First Time?: A song about a man in love with a woman trapped in a relationship going nowhere. She’s bored. He’s desperate.

Pink Glove: “You’d better watch what you’re wearing, if you want him to come round and see you tonight. He doesn’t care what it looks like, just as long as it’s pink and it’s tight.”

Credits: flashback

Someone Like the Moon: A beautiful image just a literal translation of the title.

Credits: fafascinado

David’s Last Summer: This song is all about a summer romance from the eyes of the boy. It’s all about parks and parties and time spent together.

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  1. mczoum
    mczoum ·

    Thank you @adam_g2000 for including in the article my photo of the red dress.
    I liked the description a lot. Cheers!!

  2. neanderthalis
    neanderthalis ·

    Never heard of this group. I will have to take a listen when I get a chance. Thanks.

  3. adam_g2000
    adam_g2000 ·

    @neanderthalis oh absolutely, start with this album, then Different Class.

  4. adam_g2000
    adam_g2000 ·

    @mczoum it's not a easy series to write, there are so many good images in the community but so few ever quite capture the feeling of a song. When I come across the perfect image it's a major relief!

  5. guaguito
    guaguito ·

    Great album, amazing band and Pulp is in tour again. couldnt be better. =)

  6. adam_g2000
    adam_g2000 ·

    @guaguito fantastic! I saw them about four times one summer in the mid-ninties. If you get the chance - go!

  7. simonh82
    simonh82 ·

    They are a truly amazing band and this is definitely their best album. I haven't listened to it in about 6 months so it is definitely time I gave it a listen.

    Great article and nice choice of photos!

  8. drasticsturgeon
    drasticsturgeon ·

    My favourite Pulp album. Deffo.

  9. shhquiet
    shhquiet ·

    Babies!!! <3

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