Easy DIY Case for the LomoKino


I really wanted to sew my LomoKino a little protection, because I always have everything transported in a large bag. This time I just took a colorful fabric.

You need:

  • fabric
  • scissors
  • sewing machine
  • ruler
  • line
  • safety pin

At first, I cut a long strip of fabric, approximately measured from the width of the LomoKino, once folded and sewn together at the sides.

The two bands I’ve cut in half because I wanted to have the fabric twice inside and did not want to see the white back. A good effect is that no material ends are visible in the pocket too.

The material for the interior of the bag I had to shrink a little in width, so that the LomoKino can still fit.

The inner bag must also fit into the outer one.

After the two bags are pushed into each other, I sewed them together at the top.

For the top end, where the band comes in, I cut two strips and wrapped the edges and sewn.

First I sewed the two pieces at the inside, and folded it after, also stitching the outside. Then I made another top stitching for the cord and thus the fabric edges are no longer visible.

Then I took the string and a safety pin to it through the tunnel up to pull through. Finally, connect the cord with a knot. Done!

My logo i sewn on the top of the bag :)

Have fun sewing;)

written by pearlgirl77 on 2012-09-13 #gear #tutorials #design #crafts #diy #homemade #tipster #handmade #sew #yourself #lomokino-bag
translated by pearlgirl77

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