Downtown New York City Drawn in 80 Seconds


We lomographers are fond of taking photos of street scenes and cityscapes, but how many of us can actually do elaborate sketches of busy metropolises? If you can, you might want to learn who you’re up against and what he can do with freehand sketching!

If you’re like me and you are forever frustrated with your drawing skills, you will find the work of this guy named Patrick Vale no mean feat. Well, it’s not a big a deal, really; he just drew the lower half of New York City entirely by hand as he saw it from the Empire State Building.

It took him five days to complete the elaborate cityscape drawing, but you can take a look at the whole scenery unfold on paper with the 80-second time-lapse version below:

So, what do you think? I am utterly amazed at his drawing skills, and disgruntled by my (almost non-existent) own. Share your thoughts with us with a comment below!

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