DIY: Decoupage your Lomo Camera in Only a Few Steps!

2012-09-11 2

You want to make your Lomo camera look unique, modern, but still romantic and cool, but you have no idea how to make it or you’re afraid of gluing your fingers? Don’t worry, it’s easy and you can do it in only few minutes.

Decoupage is very old technique which provides you to experiment with gluing paper onto almost all type of materials: furniture, photograph albums, plates, ceramics, frames, mirrors… ( More about this technique )

I decoupaged my Diana F+ Edelweiss, but I think this is a great idea for the La Sardina DIY or any white Lomo camera. If our camera is dark-colored, you have to repaint some camera parts in white acrylic paint because decoupage paper loves white background in form to be noticed.

All you need is:

  • (white) camera,
  • Rice paper or interesting napkin (only first layer),
  • Scissors,
  • Water-based lacquer and glue (I used ‘’Art potch’’)
  • And a brush.

Cut rice paper to get shapes you want to glue on your lomo camera:

With a brush apply thin layer of glue on camera part that you want to decoupage and kindly apply rice paper onto it (no air must be between rice paper and surface):

When it’s dry apply one more thin layer of glue in order to prevent damage on your decoupaged camera.
Now you have an unique and arty lomo camera!

Lomography is love:

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