Fuji Instax Mini (Instant, 800 iso) User-Review


Quick, instant, vivid colors and natural skin tones – this sounds like the awesome Fuji Instax Mini film!

Remembering my early days being a kid, I used to see this fascinating little piece of plastic in front of me then somebody shook it and something appeared – It was my smiling face! But how could that be? how had this person done this? And then many years later, I’m the person already shaking this little piece of instant emulsion.

Is there anything cooler than seeing a picture appears suddenly which you made just a few seconds after the flashed fired? No there ain’t!

The Fuji Instax Mini is so sharp and clear and the pictures really have vivid colors. Okay, when compared to a Polaroid, it’s a bit small, but it’s cute enough to fit them into your wallet as a souvenir or even in the smallest pockets! I’m not an owner of an actual Instax Camera, but I have the Instax Back for my Diana F+. But I think regardless of which camera you have, you will get everyone’s attention, if you make these crazy instant pictures popping out off your camera.

I prefer close-ups (or the Fisheye lens adapter, if you own a Diana F+), but almost every pictures looks great with this film, because it’s instant Instax! Make as much snapshots as you could, because this film is the best there is!

Do It The 80’s Style And Shake It Like A Polaroid Picture!

written by stinketier on 2009-10-23 #gear #review #instant #fuji-instax-mini #polaroid #diana-f-instant-back #polaroidtastic #shake-it


  1. stouf
    stouf ·

    Yeah ! I'm surprised by the colours, for a 800 iso... Great shots ! Great cats !

  2. lupo
    lupo ·

    love the buttons :)

  3. kazarareta
    kazarareta ·

    lovely cats :)

  4. violet_rayy
    violet_rayy ·

    wicked! Might try me some of that!

  5. athainabeilah
    athainabeilah ·

    heloo, i just bought my diana's instant back. and i got some problems. First, my print out often cropped it's very different from what i saw in viewfinder altough i try a manual measurement from the lens. Second, my instax always got under exposure when i shoot non-close up objects its totally black. Any solution ?

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