Diana Manicure

2012-09-14 8

Last Thursday I went to the Diana Baby release party at the Lomography Gallery Store in Amsterdam. As the dresscode was black & blue I decided to give myself a smashing manicure, and a Tipster for all of you nailpolish fans out there!

The final result and a Diana Baby in the Lomography Gallery Store Amsterdam

What you need:

  • Nails (duh)
  • Nailpolish in the colors black, silver (or grey) and blue
  • Dotting tool (or an empty ballpoint pen, toothpick)
  • Nailpolish remover
  • Cotton swabs to clean up spillage you might have

Tip: allow some time for frying inbetween the layers that you paint (yes, even the small dots). About a minute or 30 should be enough.

Nailpolish & dotting tools
  • Apply a layer of base coat to your nails. This is to prevent the nailpolish colors to damage your nails and gives you a nice even base.
  • Apply black nailpolish onto your nails. Depending on how opaque your nailpolish is you may have to apply 2 layers.
Black base
  • Apply a small streak of blue on the ends of your nails (like you do with a French manicure)
Blue tips

Get your dotting tool. Dotting WHAT?! A dotting tool is a stick with a little ball at the end that nail stylists use to apply nailart. I just find them handy to have around for all sorts of crafts. If you don’t have them, a toothpick or (empty!) ballpoint pen will also do the trick.

Dotting tool
  • Apply a big silver (or grey) dot to your nails aproximately in the middle of the black area. This is easily done by stroking your dotting tool (or toothpick, etc) past the nailpolish brush and then carefully dip the tool onto your nail.
Silver dots!
  • As soon as the silver layer is dry, repeat the dotting action with black. This way it looks like a camera lens!
YAY! A lens!
  • Get another toothpick and apply a little square box in the middle of the blue stripe above the lens in silver (or grey). Nbow your Diana nails have a view finder!
  • To seal in the design apply a layer of topcoat. Unnecessary, but I find it keeps everything in place so I can keep the same manicure for 2 – 4 days.
And we’re done!

I’d love to see that you guys make out of this!

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  1. diane-blax
    diane-blax ·

    This is cool.. but (i don't mean to offend u) u have problem with ur cuticle.. don't know it is because of strong nailpolish remover or u have/had strong and painful tipsa-work on ur nails by some mean lady.

  2. nreyesramos
    nreyesramos ·

    agree with her ^^ maybe something that can be fixed with cuticle oil or lotion?

  3. diane-blax
    diane-blax ·

    ..can be fixed with lemon (vitamin C)

  4. pretletterp
    pretletterp ·

    lol, thanks for all the feedback :P I know that my cuticles look like crap, getting them back to health is still a work in progress ;)

  5. nreyesramos
    nreyesramos ·

    Now I wonder how do I make La Sardina nails ;)

  6. psyhe
    psyhe ·

    really really cool ideea! congrats!

  7. diane-blax
    diane-blax ·

    i have an idea for la sardina nails :)

  8. djobrien687
    djobrien687 ·


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