Adults Turn Into Anne Geddes Babies!


Anne Geddes, the “professional babysitter” famous for posing tiny tots in pots, pea pods, and other garden variety goods, was spoofed by some full-grown men and women from VICE. The best selling baby photographer was given a tribute because, honestly, who hasn’t seen her work as a cute calendar/wallpaper/greeting card?

Photo via VICE and Anne Geddes

Photographed by Lee Goldup and art directed by Jamie Lee Curtis Taete, this series of adult-sized pictures mimicking the pint-sized originals is a tribute to Australian baby photographer, book author, and businesswoman, Anne Geddes. She has not commented on the images released so we’ll leave you with some of her tips for shooting little ones instead.

Photos via VICE and Anne Geddes

A typical sitting takes place in the morning when the babies are well-rested, and lasts about half an hour, otherwise the babies get too bored or fussy. She keeps the babies’ parents nearby for extra assistance with expressions. “You have to be really fast,” Geddes says about getting good shots.

Many of her props are custom made, such as over-sized shoes and flowerpots. She sets up her studio in advance—props, lighting, cameras and equipment—so that all the baby or babies have to do is sit.

Geddes’s shots are lovely but VICE’s spoofs are just laugh-out-loud! What do you think of the tribute?

Visit VICE and Anne Geddes for more info. Sources include Wikipedia and Incredible Things.

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